About Us

Have you thought that a website and selling your products or services online would be expensive and difficult at the same time? Think again. Creating your online store has never been easier. Bumeran is a leading choice for merchants and retailers to create an online store with ease and at the lowest costs and start selling fast. Bumeran platform gives you the freedom to choose a design template for your online store. So stop reading and start selling from your new online store in minutes and bring your brand to life!


Our story:

The Bumera platform was born in Jordan in 2020 at a time of the Coronavirus disease (COVID -19), which affected economic sectors in a great and frustrating way. Muhammad Ali, General Manager and Founder of Yalla Shoghol, met with the founder of the Bumeran platform in Spain, Mr. Isidro Fernández for a week to draw up his dream program and strengthen the commercial sectors in Jordan by providing means of building Ecommerce store platforms for merchants and business owners in the fastest time and without the need for experience or programmers. A week after the meeting, Muhammad Ali returned to Jordan to build the Bumeran platform in Jordan in the coming months, until it was ready


What is the Bumeran platform?

Bumeran or boomerang is a thrown tool and is able to defend the weapon. The Bumeran platform was built to serve as a weapon for a merchant to start his work in expanding his trade via the Internet from our services, which include building an e-commerce platform with all its advantages and without restrictions even if you are not an expert.


Our Goal

Facilitate e-commerce to everyone

We help merchants generate the most revenue for them by facilitating and growing their business online with new retail stores. We also believe in e-commerce, and this is the future, and reduce barriers that stand in front of the merchant towards this path.